Moving Over

Entomologists, fear not! The Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo journal has not abandoned you — we’ve just moved over to the Myriapod Productions website, where we can update you on all of our past and future projects. We have a lot of exciting things in the works and will continue to bring you the most fascinating, global stories [...]

Beetle Queen Educational DVD on Sale!

In collaboration with our new educational distributor Collective Eye, we just lowered our prices on all three options of the Educational DVD. In addition to the full film, this edition also contains the 52-minute version and a lot of thrilling extras, such as the Beetle Queen study guide, more interviews with Dr.Yoro and the full [...]

Beetle Queen in the UK, Part II

Beetle Queen will soon be available for purchase in the UK!  The DVD (packaged by Edition Rise and Shine and released by November Films,) will be released on January 16th and will be available from our UK web shop, on Amazon UK and, if you have a good one, at your local independent DVD shop.  Beetle [...]

Beetle Queen Sale!

From now until the 1st of September, everything in the Beetle Queen shop is on sale! 10% off with the discount code BQSUMMER11. On top of that, our beautiful Beetle Queen posters are even more deeply discounted – $8 a pop – that’s more than half-off with the discount code. We are making room for [...]

Speaking of Wallpaper

I want a room just for this wallpaper.

“The Land of the Dragonfly”

The legendary account of Japanʼs beginning, the Nihon Shoki: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to 697 AD, written in the 8th century, contains a story about Japanʼs first legendary emperor, Emperor Jimmu. Emperor Jimmu is out with a hunting party that has briefly stopped to rest. While standing, a gadfly appears and bites [...]

“At the hour of the noon-day meal…”

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Even at the hour of the noon-day meal… they forget to return home… the children catching dragonflies.

“When even the moonlight sleeps…”

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] When even the moonlight sleeps on the garden grasses, the song of the suzumushi, like the crying of a broken heart is all that moves in the night.

“Meeting in flight…”

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Meeting in flight, how gracefully do the dragonflies, glance away from each other.

Poems from the film

We’ve been getting several requests of people wanting an audio copy of the haikus and poems from Beetle Queen. So we will be uploading them on the journal. Here’s the first of five. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Always more clear and shrill, as the hush of the night grows deeper, the Waiting-Insect’s [...]

More Shoppe News

PAL DVDs are now available for pre-order in our spanking new UK shop and mainland Europe shop. These shops also include a slightly altered poster (printed in the UK) as well as the original Beetle Queen t-shirts and soundtracks. If you are anxious to get your hands on even more Beetle Queen gear, please visit [...]

Home-Use DVD on its way!

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for… We will be releasing a home-use DVD of Beetle Queen on May 17th, the same day we broadcast our edited-for-TV version on Independent Lens. The DVD, released by Factory 25, contains the theatrical (90 minute) version of the film, some cool extras and is already available [...]

New Item in Store!

We recently printed a very limited run of Beetle Queen paperback treats. 50 pages of full-color stills from the film with elegant black and white foil-stamped cover. Signed by Beetle Queen cinematographer Sean Price Williams. Now available in the Beetle Queen shop. Check out the previews below. Impeccably printed by Darin Grassman at Edition One [...]

New New News

Although it’s been a bit quiet on this site as of late, we have some exciting news to bring you up to date. First, we are pleased to announce that production of our third documentary, Pipe Fire, is firmly underway. The film will follow a year in the life of a family of traditional reindeer [...]

New Item in Beetle Queen Shop!

Check out the Beetle Queen mini-posters we just added to our shop. Only a limited number available.