Fabre figurines

Jean-Henri Fabre, a 19th century French entomologist and writer, although moderately well known here in the States, is a favorite author in Japan. (I highly recommend all of his works, but a good one to start with is “Fabre’s Book of Insects.”) Many of his publications have been translated into Japanese and he is so [...]

Move on over

Remember that ‘Sneak Peek’ I posted oh so long ago? Well, that’s finally happening. Head over to the website for my new film-in-the-works, The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga. As of tomorrow, my crew and I will be starting production in Eastern Europe. Follow our progress on the News page. We will be posting [...]

Beetle Queen Held Over in SF!

If you can’t make it to Beetle Queen in SF this week, you’ll have another chance – we have been held over (though only with one showtime a day). The showtimes through the 15th remain: 2:20, 4:50, 7:10, 9:25 And now from July 16- 22, you can catch the film at 5:20! Still at the [...]

Three years!

This June, it has been three years since we first traveled to Japan to shoot Beetle Queen. My awareness of this fact was heightened when I received a photo from one of the families we spent time with while we were there. Remember the young boy you see several times throughout the film, first shopping [...]

Thank You and Update

A very enthusiastic thank you to Rosanna for her great posts. Don’t forget to check out her own blog, minilivestock.org. And a quick update on Beetle Queen. ┬áLots of good press and a bunch of new bookings! ┬áPlease check our screenings page for more information on where Beetle Queen is playing. Or become a fan [...]

Another week at IFC

Beetle Queen will be held over for one more week at IFC Center. The new showtimes are: 10:55am, 3:00pm and 9:40pm Spread the word!

Film Forum Success and more news

This past week-long run at Film Forum has been such a treat. I’ve really enjoyed getting to hear from the audiences and getting them to interact with the insects! (See photo below). And because of the success at Film Forum, we will be extending our run in New York City with a run at IFC! [...]

The song in the trailer

So, I’ve had a lot of people asking about the song in the trailer. I’m finally going to let the secret out. The song, released in 1982, is called “Kafka” and is performed by Japanese pop artist Masami Tsuchiya. You can read more about the artist and listen to music by him and his band [...]

We made it.

A brilliant and blazing thank you to each and every one of you who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign! Because of you, Beetle Queen is on its way to several cities around the US. But you can still help us to make our release a success. Don’t forget to talk, blog or tweet about the [...]

24 Hours left!

If you haven’t pledged on kickstarter and were intending to, now would be the moment. We only have 24 hours left! Thanks to over 100 wonderful and amazing people, we have reached our goal and have continued to climb! Join the ranks of awesome people here.

And you thought I was joking…

Or at the very least exaggerating about how much the Japanese love insects. But I’m not. Check this out.

Smaller than small

Beetle Queen T-shirts in EXTRA SMALL are now available in the shop. Get yours today.

Money Money Money

As our distribution plan picks up steam, our bank account continues to get smaller and smaller. So we have made it possible for you to help! Yes, you! We are now accepting donations on KickStarter.com, which is a great website that brings together artists and the people who support their endeavors. You can get all [...]

Just a Reminder…

The exhibit that I have been helping with, Entomologia, featuring the work of 14 incredible artists inspired by insects will be opening this Friday, February 26th from 7pm until 10pm at The Observatory [543 Union St., Brooklyn]. The show is going to be an amazing collection of work and the people that created it, with [...]


Well, ladies and gents, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… The Beetle Queen shop is finally online. Please click here (or the link above) to buy awesome t-shirts, posters and more to come!