“The Land of the Dragonfly”

The legendary account of Japanʼs beginning, the Nihon Shoki: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to 697 AD, written in the 8th century, contains a story about Japanʼs first legendary emperor, Emperor Jimmu.
Emperor Jimmu is out with a hunting party that has briefly stopped to rest. While standing, a gadfly appears and bites the emperor. Within moments, a dragonfly appears and proceeds to catch and eat the gadfly. The emperor is so pleased he commands a poem to be written about the dragonfly. As none of the hunting party are bold enough to compose an ode, the emperor himself takes on the task.

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Waiting for the game
Whilst I was standing,
My arm in the fleshy part
Was stung by a gadfly;
But soon a dragonfly
That gadfly did bite.
That in this wise
It should be famous,
The Heaven-Filling Land of Yamato
Was called the Land of the Dragonfly.

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  • Beetle Queen

    I forgot to add a special thank you to Haruku Shinozaki for lending her musical voice to these clips. And for making the film what it is!

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