Beetle Queen Conquers the UK

Getting sick of that joke yet?
Well, no matter. It’s true this time. Beetle Queen is taking the UK.
We have several screenings which I will be attending, in the flesh, along with my cameraman/collaborator Sean Price Williams.

Riverside Studios
London, England
May 31, 2011
JO and SPW attending

The Horse Hospital
London, England
June 3, 2011
JO and SPW attending

Sheffield Showroom Workstation
Sheffield, England
June 4, 2011
JO and SPW attending

Glasgow Film Theatre
Glasgow, Scotland
June 7, 2011
JO and SPW attending

Institute of Contemporary Arts
London, England
June 19, 2011
[Free screening for members only]

We will be opening for a week run in July at ICA and then a few other spots later in the summer. Check the screenings page for future viewing opportunities.

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